Monday, November 19, 2018

Duck and Hippo Give Thanks by Jonathan London

- A Bit Of A Thanksgiving Mix Up -

Hippo is raking leaves and dreaming of a good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving. Who should land in his leaf pile but Duck? When an apple falls on Hippo's head, he hands it to duck and receives a nice, 
"Thanks, Hippo!" 
from Duck.
"Speaking of giving thanks," said Hippo, "tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Let's celebrate together!" 
Both Duck and Hippo continue meeting kind friends and inviting them to Hippo'sThanksgiving meal. Hippo and Duck decorate the table with leaves, squashes and little pumpkins. Then Duck heads home and Hippo heads to bed dreaming of a good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving.

But Duck doesn't head directly home, he first meets with all the friends who were invited for Thanksgiving and suggests that they make something special for Hippo!

The day of Thanksgiving Hippo hops out of bed and starts preparing his good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving meal for his friends. But where are his friends? He sits at the beautifully decorated table complete with holiday dishes.
"But it was getting late. Hippo looked out the window. The full harvest moon was rising over the trees. Night had some. But where, OH WHERE, were Hippo's friends?"
Finally, they all arrive bearing egg rolls sushi, pizza, and peanut-butter-and-jelly tacos for the holiday meal. Hippo is taken aback. Is this the traditional meal he was wanting? And what about the meal he's prepared.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: While I was fine with this rather long picture book at the beginning, I became very concerned with the ending. Due to lack of communication Hippo sat alone all day until evening. He had worked hard decorating and planning the meal. Yet, lack of communication caused his friends to disrespect his wishes and hard work. All they would have had to do was bring their special dishes to share with Hippo at the appointed time.

What I Liked Most: The illustrations are very cute.

Author: Jonathan London
Illustrator: Andrew Joyner
Two Lions (August 21, 2018)
2 Stars 
May need a Fairy Godmother. 
Feels like it needs a rewrite or at the least to fix some bothersome places.
Too many things that don't work for me.

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