Monday, December 3, 2018

I Think I Can by Karen S. Robbins

Aardvark and Mouse Can Help You Learn To Read!

#NetGalley #IThinkICan   Available March 2019

This is a very simple interactive book that needs to be read with a partner. "The major reader reads the Aardvark's blue words while the new reader reads Mouse's black words.

It's almost a copied response, but one that should help the early reader begin to recognize sounds and words.

Each new spread slowly advances the story until the reader finds out what Aardvark thinks he can do.

The illustrations are comprised of only Aardvark and Mouse with the addition of a chair toward the end.

My Thoughts: 

What My Concerns Were: It is extremely sparse in both text and illustrations.

What I Liked Most: Though it is very repetitive and simple, the new reader is apt to feel excited about being able to "read."
Author: Karen S. Robbins
Illustrator: Rachael Brunson
Publisher: Schiffer (March 2019)

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