Some Information About My Rating System

When I first started writing reviews I didn't implement a rating system since the arts are highly subjective. On the other hand, I definitely had my thoughts on what was great and not-so-great. So once again I've changed my mind and taken another direction with my blog. I've decided to add ratings to my reviews. I hope you find them useful.

I have always attempted to be unbiased when talking about a book. I usually have a section titled What Concerned Me and What I Liked Best. I will admit that when I look at what others rate certain books, many times I wonder if we all read the same story. So be aware that my ratings will be based not on what others think, but on my feelings. 

You will notice that I give a five-star rating to very few books. Yes, I guess I must be a bit critical since I want to love a story to rate it that high. Yet I know how difficult it is to write a book and to have it published, so I try to be generous with my ratings. 

5 Stars

I LOVED it!!
   — I will be sure to post and share this with friends.
Highly Recommended!


I really liked it! It just didn't make it into my tip-top favorites. This is also a book I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or tell friends about.


Pretty Good   I didn’t love it and I didn’t dislike it. Probably a good fit for many readers.

2 STARS - May need a Fairy Godmother. Feels like it needs a rewrite or at the least to fix some bothersome places. Too many things that didn't appeal to me.

1 STAR is mail I don't often deliver. It doesn't mean it's hopeless, it simply means it isn't a book I'd want to ever own or recommend. 

Illustrator's Award This Book Has My Type Of Artwork! It really worked for me!

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