Sunday, November 25, 2007

After Thanksgiving

Time seems to just fly. We have now passed Thanksgiving and are heading for Christmas and the New Year! Wow....

Tomorrow I return to work, which I really like, but after being home for 5 days for the holiday, it will be a hard thing to do.

We had a grandchild stay all night with us Friday night. That's always fun. Especially since we both love computer games. While we were waiting on one game to load, she asked to see one of my out-of-print books: Diary of a First Class Jerk. (Of course that made me love the visit even more!) Later her mother told me she'd like a copy for Christmas. I looked on the Internet to see about purchasing a copy, since I have only a few left. I was shocked. The cheapest copy I could find was $75.00, and it went up to over $300. I'm amazed. I have no idea why the high price??? But I believe I will be taking an old library copy off my shelf and making that a Christmas present to her.

Well, I'd better take advantage of my time. I need to be thinking of marketing ideas for The Broom Closet Detectives. And I need to start working on another book, which I've started, but there seems to be no end to editing a story and making it better.

Barney, our Bichon, is anxious for Christmas. He doesn't seem to be one bit disappointed that Thanksgiving has past.

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