Sunday, March 2, 2014

Being An Author Isn't For Sissies

Well, I pretty much saw the writing on the wall, but I got the notice several months ago: my publisher closed their doors.  Thus the door slammed shut on my four books.

So what to do? Sink to the ground and have a pity party, then hop up, rewrite and send it through my wonderful critique group. I think resilience is one thing we writers have in common.

At this time I'm going to reluctantly delete most posts about my former books and look forward to my new MG book that should be available this year....more coming on a PB that should have been available this year.

Zip the Lips - Diversion Press

Summer McKay is beside herself when she impulsively
invites the class know-it-all to her slumber party. At
the party the know-it-all takes control, leaving Summer
to feel like an outsider. Surely the results of her
impulsive act can't get worse, or can they? In an effort
to regain control of her own party, Summer's mouth
flies open and a lie jumps out. She informs the girls that
she has a show dog: One that wins ribbons. Can it get
any worse? Only if Emily, the know-it-all, tells the
teacher about the dog and Summer is invited to bring
her ribbon-winning dog to class.

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