Monday, March 10, 2014

Great Critique Group!

For those of you looking for a group of writers with like interests, and a place to get input on your stories, look no further.  Scribophile is a fun, fair way to gain great critiques. You earn karma by critiquing others, then when you have enough karma, you can post something.

I have been involved in several critique groups over the years, but by far this is my favorite.  In most cases the feedback you get is phenomenal. They help with grammar, punctuation and plot.
Joining is free, or you can pay a small amount for a premium account, which gives you some added perks. I ended up moving to the premium account, but you wouldn't have to.

For more details click here: Scribophile Facts

In a short time, I've gained several great friends and received some wonderful critiques. In fact, after running two stories through this critique group, I was able to sell them.

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