Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ups And Downs Of Being An Author and Getting Bad News

Years ago I started dreaming. If I could only win a writing contest. If I could just get something published in a magazine. Then, if I could just have one book published. Well . . . maybe two books.  And the thought continues to this day. I don't think true writers ever give up on their dreams.

It is my hope that this blog will keep the fire going under our dreams.  It is so easy to get discouraged by rejections, or reading "bad" things that have been published and knowing our writing is much better. I intend to share the ups and downs.

Maybe not all writers have ups and downs like I do.  But I seem to hop on roller coasters that unexpectedly veer off course and eventually throw you out of the seat. I won't go in to my past adventures...just take you on the newest ride:

Last May I did a happy dance because I'd signed a contract with a publisher for my first picture book.  After that came the exciting part of seeing the pictures as they were furnished by the artist.  While not always what I expected, it was still an exciting time.  Then came the slow down of emails from my publisher.  Hmm, perhaps not a good sign, but then I tend to worry too much.  Be patient I whispered to myself...things will be fine, after all you have a signed contract.

I decided to send a quick inquiry January 2.  No reply by February 2.  Hmm, perhaps not a good sign, but then probably the email got lost.  I sent off another short inquiry the first of February...then the dreaded reply:

Reluctantly yet realistically I must tell you that I'm not able to go ahead with the publishing of (book's name). I know this decision will cause you great disappointment, and I'm sorry for that. The project itself has brought so many problems with graphic designers that I prefer not to deal with the challenges any more. Moreover, my publishing business itself is moving toward new models of information marketing and online education. Finally, I have some health issues to deal with, and that is one reason why I have had some periods where I haven't communicated with you promptly. Please accept both my apologies for holding you up and for my continued high regard for the idea itself. I release you from the contract, and wish you all the best.  (publisher)

Okay, okay, so maybe every author doesn't have my ups and downs....but I tell ya, if writing wasn't my passion I would have thrown my hands up years ago!

So let's share our Ups and Downs. 
If you have any ideas or sites that have helped you, please feel free to let us know.

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