Monday, February 13, 2017

Eddie the Bully by Henry Cole

- It’s Time For Eddie To Meet Someone New! -

We find Eddie showing his true feathers.
“You’re such a loser!” he clucked at Rose when she came in last. “You were born at a roach motel!” he sneered at Russell. 
Eddie's classmates are darling. But the cuties are picked on unmercifully by the rude and mean Eddie. In fact, nobody was safe if they lived in Eddie’s World. And definitely, no one wanted to sit anywhere near him.

He was never tagged during a game of “Person-Person-Monkey.” And his teachers were exasperated with his behavior. During his time out, he thought about new mean things to do.

One day, however, something happened. Carla, a new student, entered the classroom. She is cute, but not a petite student, to say the least. The students watch wide-eyed as she is assigned a seat next to Eddie the Bully. Everyone prepares for the worst!

My Thoughts:

What Concerned Me: I have to admit when I read the title of this book, I walked right on by. Too many bully books on the market, not interested. Continued below

What I Liked Most: Continued from above But the cover drew me back, and before I knew it the book was mine! Take a look at Eddie. Don't you have to know his story?

This book is not only full of cute illustrations but the story is well told too. Though Eddie says some very awful things to the terrified students, it’s a perfect time to talk to children about being unkind to others.

Though a quick fix for an extremely difficult problem (bullying), this book is a good way to open discussions on the topic.

Author/Illustrator: Henry Cole

Published by little bee books, a division of Bonnier Publishing, 2016

Word Count: Approx 525
Ages: 4 - 8 years
Grades: Preschool - 3

Pages: 40
Activity And Discussion Guide: Click Here
Educator’s Guide: Click Here

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