Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dear Publishers . . . It's Me

 - Blub, Blub, Blub! -

Ever feel like you dive into something you love, but find you're just treading water? I think many people don't realize how hard it is to break into the writing world. I've silently laughed when I hear people say, "Well, after retirement I think I'll write a book and see if I can't get it published." For some, it's about that easy (though I don't think many). For others, lots of time is spent swimming a few strokes then being dragged back by the current.

I tend to fall into the latter group. After hard work, I find a publisher then manage to watch the business fold like it's made of a deck of playing cards.

So far I've been standing inside when two publishers close their doors. And yesterday I received a very nice letter from my newest publisher saying they will be closing at the end of August.

Once again, I will take the dive, since writing is my passion. But if you are a member of Scholastic Press, Harper, Philomel Books, or Little Brown and Company, will you please watch for wonderful stories submitted by Debbie Shakespeare Smith? I promise to do my best to keep the cards standing in an upright position!

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