Sunday, August 13, 2017

This Book Will Give You Something To Think About!

Fish In A Tree

by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Do You Know Any Friends Like This?

This book is about finding true friends, bravery, second chances, about asking for help when you need it, and offering help when you see it is needed. It's about struggling with something in school (dyslexia) but realizing at the same time that you are not stupid, but have amazing gifts and talents.

What Concerned Me: I loved the characters but at the same time felt a bit uncomfortable with them. Many of the characters felt exaggerated and like stereotypes. (But even with that possible downfall, I did still like them.) I was also concerned that a sixth grader had slipped through the education system without someone realizing her true problem, fairly unlikely in this day and age. 

What I Loved Most: I know it sounds like I've given several negatives, but the positives totally outweigh the concerns I might have.  

I loved the fact that Lynda Mullaly Hunt tied so many aspects of the story together. The sentence structure and short chapters (since the book is so long) were also nice. 

4 Stars

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