Saturday, September 16, 2017

Must Be Easy Peesy to Create A Picture Book, Right?

- Okay, Let's Get To Writing! -

As many parents know, it's terrible when a child loves a certain picture book but you have to mentally groan at the prospect of reading it one more time. I remember my mom laughing about a certain picture book that my daughter always wanted her to read. In retrospect, that book should have disappeared, although it was quite a popular title at the time. (I'm so glad we didn't have it at our house!)

One of the hard things a picture book author has to deal with is creating a book that is appealing to both adults and children. Although kids are pretty forgiving of what I consider bad books, it's the adults I can't figure out. When I read a picture book and check the reviews, more often than not I'm pretty shocked. A book that I would easily mark as one star or less might be rated four or five stars by many reviewers. And of course, that works both ways. 

I've always found it helpful to read what's being published, but I've never done it to the degree I have lately. Surprisingly, I'm finding that many of the current books are very good. Something I haven't been able to say in the past.

I'd like to share some information that I hope is helpful, if you're planning on writing a picture book.

How to Create a Fantastic Picture Book by Emma Blackburn.
And this excerpt from Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul.

Many think writing a picture book is pretty easy, and admittedly some books look like they must have been. I'm finding it's hard to pass the test of trying to please agents, publishers, parents, and kids.

But it can be fun trying . . .

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