Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dragons: Father and Son by Alexandre Lacroix

I promised I would be posting lots of recommended picture books, so I didn't want to let you down!

While Dragons: Father and Son by Alexandre Lacroix felt a little wordy the first time I read it, the second read through it felt just right. I think all of the text was necessary to the story.  There was only one part of the book that I really questioned, and that was when the son slightly stretched the truth when he returned to his Father.

When Father Dragon asks his son to go out and burn some of the village, which is a tradition in growing up, his son sets out to do just that. But the first house has a little boy looking out the window. It just doesn't seem right to destroy the house for no good reason, especially when the little boy races out of the house, delighted to see a real live dragon! But the boy has an idea, they can go burn down the schoolhouse, especially since he hasn't finished his homework.  As the story progresses the son is forced to evaluate tradition and whether he wants to return and disappoint his Father.

The illustrations add to the story with their colorful depiction of all the characters. And of course, dragons should be of interest to boys, for sure. Even though the book will appeal to girls, too.

The story itself can be read just for fun, but there is an obvious message that can be discussed. This is a good classroom read or individual book to share.
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