Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lots of Reading - Lots of Learning

Lately, I feel like I’ve read and reviewed a kazillion picture books, give or take a thousand.  My husband and dog, Bentley, have been very understanding since I've moved from my office to the dining room table where it's easier to spread out and deal with piles and piles of books. (Picture above is just the latest stack of books.) But I’m learning so much by reading all these books. You might think the obvious is that there is no rhyme or reason why certain books get published. And that thought has occurred to me.

But I’m not worried about the few that I  have to shake my head and wonder . . . why?  What I’m finding is that most of the books I’m reviewing are good and they are character driven.

Wendy Silvano describes Character Driven: A character-driven picture book is just what it says—a picture book where the character drives the plot. Think of it this way: In a character-driven picture book the story is more about the character than about the plot. What happens in the story happens because of the attitudes, personality and character traits of the main character.
Below are two books that I love, both good examples of Character Driven.

I probably will be posting a few more picture book reviews, or maybe a kazillion, give or take a thousand. And since I find it pretty hard to hold back my personal thoughts, don't look for cut and dried reviews. As usual, posts will be sprinkled with a little bit of me. 

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