Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cinderella and The Furrry Slippers

Cinderella and the Furry Slippers by Davide Cali is a story with a twist on the Cinderella we know. Seeing a picture of the Prince in a magazine prompts Cinderella to want to go to the ball, meet the Prince, and have a fairytale ending. She calls a Fairy Godmother who dresses her since she has nothing appropriate to wear. But what she ends up with isn’t the dress of her dreams. Unlike the story we are used to, her carriage is a turnip with a variety of strange animals pulling it to the castle. And even the castle is not what she imagined. Furry slippers and all the Prince falls for her, but she immediately sees that the Prince is not her type, so she dashes from the ball.
*Spoiler Alert*
On the way home (she has to walk since her turnip coach is nowhere to be found) she sees a sign offering women career opportunities. So she decides to create her own ending to the story.

While I certainly understand the concept of this story, I have a few concerns. Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive, but Cinderella’s immediate dislike for the Prince appeared to be his bad breath. The fashion presented, and coach and animals were fun, but I think were intended to be a message. The dancing at the ball was pretty weird and Cinderella's was simply the worst of all. (Meant to be funny or a message?) One of the signs at the Job Fair is  “Sick of lame princes? Sick of fancy pink dresses? Want to do something fun for once?” Pink and dresses and believing in love and a Prince can be a fun fantasy for kids. My opinion is kids need to be kids for a few years. I agree with the fact that people, both men and women, should not sit back and wait helplessly for their future to unwind, but this book felt more adult based, with an adult message.

Many of the illustrations are very cute. And I do think this book can be used as a positive tool to help empower both boys and girls. I just wanted to point out a few of my rather small concerns.
Penguin Random House Canada
Tundra Books 2017
Age Range: 3-7

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