Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stranger Danger

 -Who Is The Villian Here? -

While it's disappointing that we find it necessary to teach "stranger danger", it doesn't appear to be something we can wish away.  Who's Bad and Who's Good, Little Red Riding Hood? by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Neil Price is a wonderful teaching tool.

When Little Red Riding Hood is asked to deliver cupcakes and soup to her grandma she is instructed to stay on the path and avoid talking to strangers. Then she is told to yell, tell a policeman or a person in a shop if she needs help. Of course, who should she meet but a wolf. New to the story, however, is a rabbit. And there is where the real story begins. The illustrations, colorful and fun, totally add to the story.

One thing both parents and teachers should like is the fact that the last page has some great discussion questions.

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