Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Man of His Own by Susan Wilson

With all my writing, picture book reviews, and now helping reclaim a rental property that a tenant mistook for her property to destroy, I've managed to sneak in listening to an adult book: A Man of His Own, by Susan Wilson. Rick Stanton is a baseball player on the verge of a promising career in the major league when he stumbles upon a German Shepherd mix puppy who needs rescuing. Rick names the puppy Pax. This special dog plays a large part in the story, but the book consists of much more than a dog's love for his master. Pearl Harbor and the entry of the USA into WWII changes the course of Rick’s life, which in turn impacts the lives of those surrounding him. This wonderful story about canine devotion and adult relationships has some unexpected twists and great character development. I certainly plan to read, or listen, to more of Susan Wilson's work.

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