Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bruce's Big Move

Grumpy Bruce seems to be gaining family members when all he thinks he wants is to be left alone. In book one of this series, he ends up adopting geese, something that happened quite by accident. In the second book, three mice who had been renting out Bruce's home (unbeknownst to him) while he was down south with the geese decide that being part of the family works for them. What's a bear to do when guests just won't leave? Bruce packs up his goslings and decides to move, leaving the mice behind, since his current house has become too crowded, loud and chaotic.  But will it be that simple?

The characters are so much fun in Bruce's Big Move, and Ryan T. Higgin's illustrations are bound to make you smile. There's something special about a home, even if it's noisy, chaotic and messy!

Disney . Hyperion 2017
Ages: 5-6

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