Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Monstore - Great For This Time Of Year

While not a new book, The Monstore written by Tara Lazar and illustrated by James Burks is a fun read for this time of year.

At the back of the candy shoppe, under the last box of sour gum balls, there is a trap door. Knock five times fast, hand over a bag of squirmy worms and you may enter the Monstore. A store where only the most useful monsters are sold, ones that do tricky things around the house. Zack checks out the Monstore to find a monster to keep his sister Gracie from snooping around his room.

But there may be one problem: No returns, no exchanges, no exceptions at the Monstore.

The illustrations are bright and fun. There is more text than usual but I think the story will have no problem holding a child's attention. There is no reference to Halloween, but it feels appropriate for this time of year.

Aladdin Publishing
Publication Date: 2013
Ages: 4-7

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