Thursday, December 21, 2017

7 Sites To Help The Potential Blogger

- Lots Of Reasons To Create A Blog -

A blog is such a great way to share thoughts, ideas, information and to even serve as a therapeutic tool for letting off steam. As an example, I've had four different publishers and as of last August, all of them have closed. Okie dokie then, back to the drawing board. But not before sharing, better known as whining/sounding off, on my trusty blog. Lots better than climbing into bed for a week and pulling the covers over my head.

And for those who love to write, a blog is perfect. You get to share something that, in most cases, you're passionate about.

I am listing seven sites to help you start that all important blog. The first four are instructions for more difficult setups, full-fledged websites that are hosted. These offer more options but do charge for hosting. (Beware if you read anything that says these sites take only a few minutes to create. I have made two, and for non-techy people, or limited techy, they can take hours.) See earlier post on this blog regarding setting up my new website as a very limited techy person. 

1. The Write Life

2. Blog Starter

3. Website SetUp

4. Blogging Basics 101

As you can see, this blog is on Blogger. It still takes time, but nothing compared to the ones that need a web host. Blogger, Wordpress (there are several options on Wordpress), and several others offer free sites.

5. WordPress

6. Google Blogger

7. Other Blogger Options

My Other Sites:

Picture Book Sleuth




So what's stopping you?  Begin your journey today, make new friends, and surprise yourself with how many will share your same thoughts and passions.

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