Friday, December 1, 2017

Not Always Good To Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart 

- . . . Or Not! -

It all started when I saw an ad regarding websites. The more I read, the more my heart raced. A website that could be constructed in an hour?  Holy Cow!  How fun to have a Blogger site for writing information and a new site with the domain name of my choice for reviewing picture books. By the next day, I had excitedly signed up for it.

Within hours my new website and I had developed a serious love-hate relationship. And by the day after I called the crazy people who had promised me the moon.  (And by the way,  I do think it's possible to have a site up and running in an hour if it's what you do for a living, otherwise you would never want your name associated with it.) So, as I said, I called the host site I'd signed up with. I began as though I needed to apologize to the voice on the other end of my phone, "I know I've had this for 2 days, but I'm still working creating my website." Then I proceeded to ask my question,  hoping he wouldn't go to my site and see what a failure I was regarding the web-site-in-an-hour promise.

But to keep this long tale short.  It would have helped if they had provided definitions and a follow the numbers handout for people like me who read the how-to manual on everything that enters this house.

Drum Roll! After three weeks I have a completed site. I will be posting picture book reviews,  to make choosing a book easier for both parents and teachers. I will have the books in categories  and include book pages and word count to help with student reports. Then on my Blogger site, I will concentrate more on writing and include a few book reviews.

If you have the time, I'd love for you to take a look at my 1hr+ web site. And if you have feedback that won't make me cry or call the web developers,  that would be appreciated!

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