Thursday, December 28, 2017

Max and Bird by Ed Vere

 - Can A Cat And A Bird Actually Be Friends? -

     Max, the cat, and Bird both want to be friends, but Max thinks it will be best if he chases Bird first, since that’s what kittens do. After catching Bird, he might eat him (since that's what kittens do).

Bird doesn't hesitate to let him know that he doesn’t like being chased and he’s far too young to be a snack. So young, in fact, that he hasn’t even learned to fly.

Max isn’t convinced so easily.
“But it’s a rule of nature. Birds get chased by kittens.” 
Again Bird has an answer.
"But friends don’t eat each other up!"
 This is lots to think about, so the two sit and ponder what to do.

 Finally, Bird comes up with an idea.
“Friends have fun together and help each other out . . .  If you teach me how to fly, then we’ll talk about the chasing . . . and all that other stuff. OK?” 
After shaking on what seems to be a fair deal, Max proceeds to teach Bird the principles of flight.
“Well, Bird, first of all, you . . . er . . . What you do is . . . Well . . . ahem,” coughed Max. “I don’t think I know how to fly either.” 
So where do they begin? The library, of course. Don’t libraries have an answer for everything?

Will Bird ever learn how to fly? And what will Max decide about chasing and having Bird as a snack?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the illustrations of Max and Bird.

What I Liked Most:  Such a fun story about compromise, teamwork, and friendship. The text size and words seem just right for children learning to read.

It's such a fun story that most adults won't mind reading it over and over and little ones will love to hear it.

Author/Illustrator: Ed Vere

Published by Sourcebooks, Jabberwocky, 2016

Approx Words: 565
Ages: 2-5
Pages: 32

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