Monday, January 22, 2018

Davy's Summer Vacation! by Brigitte Weninger

A Meaningful Vacation For The Whole Family

- Davy Is So Excited To Be Going On Vacation But . . . Oops! -

Will There Be a Vacation Now?

Wendy Wildgoose shares with her rabbit friend Davy that she enjoyed a fantastic trip with her family.
“We visited the Big Water. We swam, played in the sand and, and saw all kinds of new things.” 

Davy feels deflated since he would love to go on a trip like that but it’s unlikely that it will happen since he and his family don’t fly.

But surprise, surprise, when he tells his family that he’d like to go to Big Water they agree since they’ve wanted to go there, too. Mother rabbit warns the children that it’s a very long trip to get to Big Water, but the children are fine with that.

They scurry around and pack their wagon but it is VERY loaded, so loaded that Davy adds his toy rabbit and. . . Crack.  All four wheels break. Now What?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most:  This is a book that most parents will want to share with their children. It is about family, working together and being satisfied with what you have, regardless of what others have or do.

Beautiful illustrations and a great story.

Author: Brigitte Weninger
Illustrator: Eve Tharlet
Published by  NorthSouth Books, 2018

Approx Words:
Ages: 4 - 8
Pages: 32

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