Friday, January 5, 2018

THE SNOWBEAR by Sean Taylor

 -A Magical Story of Two Children and a Snowbear -

Iggy and Martina wake up to a snow-covered yard. Mom tells them to, “Make a snowman if you want. But be careful because the hill is too steep and slippery.” They attempt to build a snowman, but it ends up looking more like a snowbear. After finishing the snowbear Iggy suggests they slide down the hill. Though Martina is concerned because they were told its slippery they both hop on the sled and ss----llll----iiii----dddd----eee down the hill. It seems they are never going to stop. But at the bottom of the hill, they hear a scary sound. And the hill is much too slippery and steep to hurriedly climb back up. Oh, oh!

Cons: None

Pros: The illustrations are very complimentary to this magical snow story. A great book to read on a snowy winter day.
    Author: Sean Taylor
    Illustrator: Claire Alexander
    Published by Quarto Publishing Group - word & pictures, 2017

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