Sunday, February 25, 2018

5 Picture Books About Saying You're Sorry And Asking For Forgiveness

 - It's Not Always Easy To Admit You've Done Something Wrong -

- But Asking For Forgiveness Can Sometimes Be Even Harder -

Saying you're sorry and asking for forgiveness can be very difficult regardless of your age. But the longer a person goes without practicing this behavior, the harder it will become. The picture books I have listed below teach this very thing, but some have more than just that one lesson to be learned. In all books, the messages are subtle and not didactic. They can be wonderful resources for adults.

"Love Is My Favorite Thing," says Plum, the doggy who is always happy to be called Plummie. Plum loves just about everything: wind, snow, sun, treats, and sticks. However, love itself is her all-time favorite thing! But one morning, everything goes wrong.
Levi knows not to tell a lie, but his lies are just itty bitty lies to make his life a little more comfortable. At least at the time, it feels better. But many people are beginning to suspect his itty bitty lies are becoming more and more a part of Levi’s life.
Molly & Mae discover each other as they wait for a train to arrive. They form a quick friendship and begin to share secrets, take photographs in a booth, and play together until the train arrives. But then, like many friendships, Molly tells Mae she is being silly and Mae says she is tired of being bossed around. Will they be able to mend their relationship before the train reaches its destination?
Mole and Squirrel, two best friends, set out to find a perfect place for a perfect picnic. “This is a very pretty meadow,” said Mole. “Yes, but it’s not perfect,” said Squirrel. “We need more shade.” They continue to search and search. But when Squirrel finally finds what is perfect for him, Mole discovers they may have a problem to deal with. A big problem.
Rainbow Fish and his friends decide to play hide-and-seek. When Rainbow Fish is asked by his new friend, Red Fin, to be “it” he readily agrees, since he’s fairly sure of all the hiding places. But, for some reason, he can’t find any of the fish. Will he end up playing fair, or making a poor choice?

Teaching a child to say he's sorry and ask for forgiveness will pay off, even if at times it's a tough thing to carry out.

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