Tuesday, February 20, 2018

6 Links To Help Find What You're Passionate About

What Are You Passionate About?

Reading? Writing? Arithmetic?

While some know what their passions are early in life, I took a bit longer to discover all of mine. However, I discovered early on that I'd rule out arithmetic and look for a mate to balance my checkbook. I also found that I'd choose reading over TV any day. But, surprisingly I was in my twenties before I discovered my love for writing. 

I thought it might be fun to list a few articles and even a test or two to identify your passions. And if it's writing how can you develop that passion?

If Your Passion Is Writing

In my experience writing and reading are passions I just can't stay away from. But I've learned writing can be in various forms. I love writing this blog and recently I have started a picture book review site: Picture Book Sleuth

Even the creative adventure of tackling different avenues of writing can be fun, like learning to set up a website. (You might add challenging and frustrating also, but it's been a few months and my memory is fading.) I think most of us immediately think of writing a book. But there are many other forms of writing. 

Have You Located Your Passions?

Mine keep growing and branching out in ways I'd never considered. And I'm finding that any creative endeavor needs to be from your heart. If you believe in what you have created, grow a thick skin and try not to let other opinions top yours. But at the same time listen, be open to change, and make up YOUR mind.

Back To Work Now:

Have a Very Creative Day!

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