Sunday, February 11, 2018

9 Books That Promote Discussions About Behavior

Are They Actually Misbehaving Or Are They Experiencing Growing Pains?

Bad behavior by these characters is brought on by various things. And many times the characters don't even recognize that their actions aren't the best. That's why these books are such valuable teaching aids. They offer varied topics for discussions, but at the same time, the talks don't feel like lectures since you've just read a fun book.

Below are the reviews (click on the title).

Clark the Shark Loves Christmas

Is it possible Clark has missed the Christmas gift-giving message altogether?

Eddie the Bully

There's no doubt Eddie is a bully and that most of the students stay clear of him. But what will happen when a new student is assigned to sit next to him? (Eddie does say some pretty hateful things, but it offers a wonderful opportunity to help students realize how words can really hurt.) And the illustrations are wonderful!

Melt Down

Now here's a book you will either be okay with or really not like. I was one who saw a book that helps point out how ugly and silly bad behavior can look and that parents can catch on fairly quickly to mistakes they might have made, so don't even think of repeating bad behavior.

Millie Fierce

Millie is tired of being ignored so she tries a different tactic to get attention.

My Very Own Space

Absolutely fine to want a quiet space of your own. But how you go about that can be a bit of a problem.

Not Friends

This story promotes talks about cooperation and bad behavior.

Pig the Elf

Some of the words in this book might be questionable (see my review), but it is a good story about bad behavior and greediness.

The Bad Seed

The bad seed stopped smiling, wasn’t friendly, didn’t listen, cut in line, and many other bad things. But will this bad seed ever decide to change his life?

The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish

This guy is pouty and not too happy. Like most books, this falls in several categories: Growth Mindset, Friendship, Challenges, and Christmas.

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