Saturday, February 3, 2018

Give Me Back My Book! by Travis Foster and Ethan Long

- So Who Is The Real Owner Of The Green Book? -

Friends Redd and Bloo have a problem when Bloo sees Redd reading what appears to be his favorite green book. Of course, like many, Redd insists it’s his book and holds on to it. “My book is green and has lots of pages! I’m 100% sure that is MY BOOK!” Bloo says. The arguing goes back and forth until a colorful hat-wearing worm snatches the book from both. Redd and Bloo can’t seem to get the worm to come out of the ground with the book. Will it be lost forever?
The story manages to unobtrusively slip in various things that make up a book: pages, letters, spine, etc.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: This humorous story and illustrations are just right for young children. I like that it teaches cooperation and teamwork and as a side, I love that the basic parts of a book are included in the story.

Author: Travis Foster and Ethan Long
Published by Chronicle Books, 2017

  • Approx Words: 442
  • Ages: Not Listed By Publisher
  • Pages: 56
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Illustrations: The three characters were rendered digitally and separately by Travis Foster (Redd and Bookworm) and Ethan Long (Bloo). Ethan Long digitally assembled all the images into each illustration.
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