Sunday, February 18, 2018

ish by Peter H. Reynolds A Story For Both Kids and Adults


by Peter H. Reynolds

 - A Lesson For All Creative People -

Ramon loves to draw. You could say it’s his passion since he does it anytime and just about everywhere. But one day Ramon’s big brother looks at one of the drawings and bursts out laughing. “WHAT is THAT?” he asks. Ramon’s confidence begins to seep out of him. Will he ever discover that passion again? Losing confidence can open the door to doubt and other things that can make that door hard to close.

Cons:  None

Pros: Simple, beautiful story that both kids and adults will be able to relate to. The illustrations are just right for this book: done in watercolor, ink, and tea.

Author/ Illustrator:   Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher:  Candlewick Press, 2004
  • Approx Words: 336
  • Ages: according to the publisher / 0 and up
  • Pages: 32

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