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Otter Loves Easter! by Sam Garton

An Easter Picture Book That Is Sure To Make You Smile!

- Oops! Otter Might Have Made An EasteMistake? -

Easter morning Otter wakes excited to find various things next to her bed: 1 bag of jelly beans, 4 medium-size eggs, 1 gold bunny, 1 pair of bunny ears, and more. She races to find Otter Keeper so she can share what she's found. But when Otter Keeper says she should share her eggs with friends, she quickly regrets telling him about her treats left by the bunny. Reluctantly she gives one egg to Giraffe, but has to snatch it back because it's HERS!  

By breakfast, Otter's feeling a little sick from eating candy and not sharing, however after a nap, she's feeling better. Almost. Otter remembers that she’s not shared treats and ended up ruining Easter for her friends. (If you’re not familiar with the series Otter's friends, unlike her, are stuffed animals.) So she puts on the Easter ears that she received and asks Otter Keeper to help her save Easter. But will it be that easy?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: 

*Spoiler Alert*  Otter tries to save Easter by making Easter eggs and hiding them for friends to find. . . she helps her friends find the eggs since of course they are stuffed animals. (Kids will love looking for the hidden eggs.) We then see Otter proudly taking her friend's pictures with the eggs they now have. Here's what may bother some:  to say thank you to Otter, her friends all do something very kind, they give their eggs back to her. So it's possible readers might interrupt this as Otter just making more eggs for herself.

What I Liked Most: 

Regarding above: I tend to look at this as Otter not wanting more eggs for herself, but that she is concerned that she didn't do the right thing: share.  She tries to make her wrong, right. With her stuffed animal friends that can’t eat the eggs, the story shows the animals doing a kind act, giving the eggs back to Otter. Especially, if the reader talks to children about Otter’s motives to do something for her friends, I don’t see the above, under Concerns, being a problem at all.

As with all the Sam Garton books I've read, I love the illustrations as well as the small moral that is interwoven.

Author/Illustrator: Sam Garton

Published by Balzer & Bray, 2017

Approx Words: 374
Ages: 4 - 8
Pages: 32
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