Friday, March 23, 2018

Psychological Thriller That Will Keep You Up Nights Reading


- Brandi Reeds -

Veronica and Micah are trying desperately to have more children. Her latest round of fertility treatments not only failed but left her feeling unbalanced and depressed. Since her husband is out of town so much on flying assignments, she is the main caretaker for their three-year-old Elizabella, who has recently developed an imaginary friend named Nini. This development is worrisome to Veronica, yet her husband doesn’t seem too concerned.

When Micah leaves on a flying assignment and doesn’t return, Veronica is left with fear about her husband’s disappearance, her jumbled hormones, and a daughter who talks to an imaginary friend who seems to know some of the answers to her dad’s disappearance. As the book progresses, we learn that Veronica’s mother and grandmother had mental issues. This leads the reader, of course, to wonder if Veronica or Elizabella might have the same concerns. Since the spouse is usually the top suspect, Veronica is hit pretty hard by questions and doubts by the police, leaving her almost alone in her time of need.

Veronica can’t locate the company that her husband claims to have worked for, yet she finds pay stubs with the company’s name on them. They have no insurance, yet she was told by her husband that they did. She discovers things in their safety deposit box that she had no idea knowledge of. To make matters worse, everything seems to point toward her. She endlessly worries about her link to reality.

Cons: None

Pros: This is Brandi Reeds’ debut adult novel. It caught my interest almost immediately and made it very hard to set the book aside. This psychological novel kept me turning pages and hoping the end wouldn't let me down, and it didn't. 

Is Veronica mentally ill? If so what’s real and not? The more paranoid she acted, the more I went back and forth on what was really happening. The characters are believable (with maybe the exception of Elizabella who acted older than a three-year-old.)

Lake Union Publishing (April 2018)


5 STARS - I Loved It!!

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