Saturday, March 3, 2018

Are You Ready To Stay Up Late Reading?

White Rose Black Forest

- Eoin Dempsey -

 - A Story That Will Keep You Turning The Pages -

- Historical Fiction -

Franka Gerber remembers the years before the rise of Hitler. The Gerber family enjoyed life like most families: love and laughter. But now she has only memories of most of her family, if not lost to cancer, then death by war. She has returned to the family’s summer cottage in the Black Forest, feeling alone and hopeless. Even anxious for death. That is until she discovers an unconscious airman lying in the snow wearing a Luftwaffe uniform, his parachute surrounding him. Her nurse instinct takes over, unwilling to let him die. But she has reason to believe he may not be who he seems to be, so the mystery begins to unravel. Can they trust each other?

This is labeled as historical fiction but also feels very much like a thriller that's hard to put down. The history is gently woven into the story.

What Concerned Me:  This is a very small “concern” but I do wish the ending wouldn't have been quite so abrupt, however it didn’t ruin the story at all.

What I Liked Most:  I’ve never been extremely fond of historical fiction, but this was extraordinarily well done. The book was so exciting that I actually wanted to hear more about the things the characters were experiencing and what was going on in the background during World War 11. I highly recommend it.

Author: Eoin Dempsey 

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (March 1, 2018)


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