Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Legal Thriller Series You Won't Want To Miss -

- An Open and Shut Case. Maybe . . . -

The former law school professor Thomas Jefferson McMurtrie finds himself in a dilemma when a 14-year-old begs him to defend her mother, who is accused of killing Jack Willistone. After hearing some of the details, the case appears to be air-tight against her mother, but McMurtrie believes that she may not be guilty, plus, let's face it, it's hard to turn down a desperate 14-year-old.

The Professor isn’t feeling well, his law partner Rick Drake is off due to his father’s death in an accident, so how can he even consider taking the case? McMurtrie figures he'll need lots of help, but his best friend Bocephus Haynes  (Bo) has had his law license revoked for the time so he settles for asking Bo to be his investigator. That's still going to be tough for the Professor without the help of another licensed lawyer.

To make matters worse, the judge over the case is one of the Professor’s former students who didn’t feel he was treated right in law school. Nothing about this case is leaning in McMurtrie's favor.  (Third book of the McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thrillers series)

Cons: None. Though this is a stand-alone book, due to the unique character relationships, I would highly recommend starting at the first of this great series. You won’t be sorry.
  1. The Professor
  2. Between Black and White
Pros: This is a book based not only on a good mystery but believable characters and relationships. And any book that starts with a bang and has some courtroom action is a winner for me.


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