Monday, April 16, 2018

Buddy and Earl Go Exploring by Maureen Fergus

An Imagination-Filled Adventure That Will Have Kids Giggling

Buddy, the dog, and Earl, the hedgehog, are just settling down for the night when Earl murmurs,

Bon voyage.”

Bon voyage,” murmurs Buddy back. Buddy is suddenly wide awake and questioning Earl about the meaning of Bon voyage.

Earl breaks the news that he is going on a spur-of-the-moment trip. Buddy tries not to be too sad and wishes Earl a good trip. Earl says goodbye and jumps on his exercise wheel and starts running and running. When he stops he’s surprised to hear Buddy’s voice and to recognize so many familiar objects. It seems he's worked very hard to go nowhere.

So the two decide to have their own trip. Buddy helps Earl out of his cage and they begin to explore the kitchen. While Buddy seems to have a grip on reality, Earl’s imagination makes the trip a fun experience.

My Thoughts

My Concerns: A cute story that fell a tiny bit flat at the ending for me, but I don't think kids will notice or care.

What I Liked Most:  If you’re looking for an imagination-filled adventure, then this is the book for you. The illustrations are rather soft and simple, no doubt attempting to depict nighttime.

Author: Maureen Fergus
Illustrator: Carley Sookocheff
Published by: Groundwood Books, 2016

4 STARS - I really liked it
  • Approx. Words: 798
  • Ages: 4 - 7
  • Pages: 32

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