Friday, April 27, 2018

Rusty The Squeaky Robot by Neil Clark

- A Story That Helps Kids Embrace Who They Are -

“He squeaked in the daytime and squeaked through the night. / He squeaked so much it gave him a fright!”

Rusty doesn’t like his squeak so he can’t like himself. Belle, who is also a robot but shaped like a bell, is happy but she has a “dinging” sound that she deals with. She assures Rusty that she will try to help him with his squeaking. She then asks him to follow her.

They head off with a DING and a SQUEAK. They meet Hoot who is also happy but dealing with a HONK.

“Let’s all loosen up, have fun and play. / Enjoy yourself, Rusty. It’s a much better way!”
 says Hoot. Together they travel on with a HONK, DING, and SQUEAK. But will Rusty ever find the help he needs to be happy with his squeak?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: At times this text felt hard to read.

What I Liked Most:  While Rusty wasn’t able to change, he was able to own his individuality and embrace diversity. It’s a story of friendship, empathy, diversity, and understanding. Young kids will no doubt enjoy making the sounds each robot makes. 

  Author/Illustrator: Neil Clark
Publisher:  words and pictures (April 2018)

4 STARS - I Really Liked It

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