Thursday, April 19, 2018

You Are Not a Cat! by Charon G. Flake

Will Duck Ever Listen To Cat?

- Who Will Win? -

The entire story is told in speech bubbles between the cat and duck. Duck likes to pretend to be different animals, while the cat gets more and more upset. Cat insists that just because duck makes various animal sounds doesn’t mean he is that animal. But duck seems to thrive on the argument.

Cat finally tells duck to go away, but duck continues to hang around telling the cat what animals he has been in the past and what he will be tomorrow.

My Thoughts

My Concerns: It just doesn’t have that pizzazz to make it stand out. It felt a little too much like what it was: an argument.

What I Liked Most:  The illustrations are cute, but there’s not too much opportunity for various types of illustrations since the main characters are a duck and cat.

Beginning readers will like the large print and simple words.

Author: Sharon G. Flake
illustrator: Anna Raff
Published by: Boyds Mills Press, 2016

3 STARS - Pretty good
  • Approx. Words: 179
  • Ages: 3 - 7
  • Pages: 40

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