Wednesday, May 16, 2018

9 Awsome Picture Books About Cooperation

Cooperation Would Be Much Easier

If Others Would Stop Being So Stubborn and Start Seeing Things My Way!

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Big Sister, Little Monster 

Though the outcome may seem familiar, the story is creative and just right for siblings. The bright illustrations dim to drab when Lucy realizes things might be too quiet and not as much fun.

Bye Bye Pesky Fly

This is a very good book to begin teaching children to verbalize their feelings. Although fly’s reaction to Pig’s statement is quite positive, the book will also open the opportunity to talk to children about the fact that verbalizing how you feel doesn’t always turn out the way you’d like it to. So other skills need to be put into practice at that time.

Davy’s Summer Vacation!

This is a book that most parents will want to share with their children.  It is about family, working together and being satisfied with what you have, regardless of what others have or do. Beautiful illustrations and a great story.

Give Me Back My Book!

This humorous story and illustrations are just right for young children. I like that it teaches cooperation and teamwork and as a side, I love that the basic parts of a book are included in the story.

Going Places

I really appreciated seeing two types of people, Author Paul Reynolds, who I hear is the organized, rule follower, and Author Peter Reynolds, Paul’s twin,  who is always creating and dreaming team up to write this book. And I loved that Rafael and Maya ended up working together on their project. Going Places is a wonderful example of personality types blending their talents. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and fun. I highly recommend this book which should open great discussions.

Les and Ronnie STEP OUT

This is a story of differences and cooperation told in a way that kids should find fun to listen to.

Me, Me, Me

The illustrations are very unusual and well done. This is a story of differences and cooperation told in a way that kids should find fun to listen to.

Not Friends

I absolutely love the colorful illustrations and the fact that this simple story can be such a useful tool in opening discussions about friendship, cooperation, and even the ending. (I won't give it away.)

Too Much! Not Enough!

This is a cute picture book about what fun means (and cooperation). Young children are sure to love it.

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