Saturday, May 12, 2018

Failing Is Spelled REJECTION For Writers

- Enough With The Failures! It's Time For Success -

It feels awful to receive rejections. Occasionally I start doubting myself and wondering if I even know how to write. But I do. 

After a quick pity party for one, I excitedly start working on revisions or my next creation which I'm SURE will be a best seller. 

If you're a writer you know what I mean; we can't stop. It's in our blood. I feel as though the computer is always drawing me back. I do housework at breakneck speed (or it can wait), then race to my desk to write.

I have two blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook accounts, plus I'm writing and sending books to agents/publishers. I love it! Unfortunately, the giveaway that I'm a full-fledged addict is my maiden name: Shakespeare. 

So, unless you feel taking a peek at my sites might be promoting an addiction, make me smile, click on a site and join me. 

Leave a comment about how you handle rejections.

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