Monday, June 25, 2018

Chicken Wants A Nap by Tracy Marchini and Monique Felix

- A Beautiful Day For A Nap...Or Is It? -

- What's Going On Around the Barnyard? -

The grass is warm and the flowers are blooming. It's a good day to be a chicken and a good day for a chicken to take a little nap. But as the page turns the reader sees that it's now raining, and with wet feathers, there's no way the chicken can nap. 

Sigh! The barn is quiet and a perfect place for a nap, so it's still a good day to be a chicken. MOO! Oops! It's now a bad day since cows are waaay toooo loud for a chicken to sleep. And come to think of it, the barn is too smelly to even consider taking a nap there. Ugh!

Okay, the chicken is now headed toward the covered porch. It will be dry and surely a great place to catch a few winks. But will this positive thinking chicken ever catch a break?

My Thoughts

My Concerns: Though the ending is surprising and cute, I'm not sure I'm a total fan of it. (But neither do I dislike it.)

What I Liked Most: This is a creative story told with few words. I think the younger picture book age will thoroughly enjoy watching this chicken search for a quiet napping spot.

4 STARS -  I really liked it
Author: Tracy Marchini

courtesy of

Illustrator: Monique Felix

Publisher: Creative Editions (August 2017)

Approx. Words: 156
Ages: 2 - 4
Pages: 24


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