Friday, June 22, 2018

What's Next Door? by Nicola O'Byrne

A Beautifully Crafted Interactive Picture Book

What’s Next Door’s first spread is all grey with a darker grey silhouette.

“Hey! Where are we?”

The silhouette then asks the reader to clap hands to turn on the lights. When the page is turned we see that the silhouette is a crocodile holding a sign saying that his name is Carter and that he’s lost. The narrator suggests that the reader trace his finger over a red dotted line and think hard about somewhere wet. By doing that, we are told that it will create a door for the crocodile to find his way home. But the hole is a bit small and the reader needs to jiggle and wiggle the book to help him get through. Oh, oh, when the page is turned it shows the crocodile in a stormy ocean. By running a finger over another dotted line toward the bottom of the page, the water is drained.

With each door that is created Carter ends up in various places, the ocean, desert, and a snowy area. And with each new landscape, Carter will need help to get through it and to another place, which is hopefully getting him closer to home.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing
What I liked Most: I love interactive books for the very young, and this one really fits the bill since it also has a small story.

I especially liked the cut paper collage and watercolor illustrations plus the fact that the dotted lines that create doors show up as die-cut portals when the page is turned.

Author/Illustrator: Nicola O’Byrne
Publisher:  Nosy Crow (January 2018)

  • Approx. Word Count: 493
  • Ages: 3 - 5 (per publisher)
  • Pages: 32

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