Monday, June 25, 2018

Dude! by Aaron Reynolds

DUDE! How many words in this book?

-  This Shark Looks A Bit Too Happy! -

If you study the front cover of this book you will see,

Did you see it? Word. This book has basically one word, although if you watch carefully you will spot an additional word: splat. Sometimes the word dude is multi-color, one color, capitals, small letters, stretched out, speech bubble, and sometimes no word on a page at all, just illustrations.

A platypus and a beaver race along the beach toward the water carrying surfboards overhead. They watch a sea-gull swoop down to catch a fish but suddenly their next sighting isn't quite so much fun. A shark fin is sticking above the water!

The two friends PANIC! After all, sharks usually mean danger.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me:  Depending on if you're a fan of one-word picture books, you'll either like or not care so much about this one. 

What I Liked Most: This story definitely showed the different emotions with just one word and by the way it was printed. The illustrator was also very good about conveying these feelings through the pictures. 

And if you're an adult who sometimes gets tired of reading the same book over and over to children, a one-word story will make it possible for little ones to read this on their own. (Although, it's a good thing to still make reading a book a "snuggling" event!)

Illustrator: Dan Santat

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press (April 2018)

3 STARS - Pretty good
  • Approx. Words: 25
  • Ages: 4 - 8
  • Pages: 40
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