Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Toad on the Road: Mama and Me by Stephen Shaskan

Guess Who's Driving A Bright Red Tow Truck?

- Help Is On The Way! -

Mama and Toad are riding around in their red tow truck looking for people who might need their help. 

"Why, who's that friend around the bend? Alas! Alas! It's a . . . Goat out of gas!"

Mama and her little sidekick save the day by having a full gas can. They hurriedly fill goat's truck that is advertising Bounce Houses so he can be on his way.

This same procedure and rhyming text continue as they discover a fox with a flat who is driving a truck advertising Bob's Balloons. They also encounter moose whose car is stuck in the muck but should be delivering pizza according to the sign on top of the car.

As Mama and her little toad near home, they see the silhouettes of two trucks and a car. Hmmm, now what could that mean?

What Concerned Me: I was somewhat confused by the party. If they all were thanking the toads for helping them, they seemed to be making the delivery to the house "before" they were helped. However, discounting that concern, the story didn't feel new and different.

What I Liked Most: Toddlers and preschoolers will no doubt love the repetition and the surprise ending. For older children, the print is large and very appropriate for early readers.

Author/Illustrator: Stephen Shaskan

Publisher: HarperCollins (March 2018)

Approx. Words: 265
Ages: 2 - 5
Pages: 32

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