Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Couch for LLAMA by Leah Gilbert

 Llama Makes Quite A Discovery!


When the Lago family's well-loved and worn couch needs to be replaced they search the newspaper for a replacement. Piling into the small family car the parents and two children head for the furniture store to choose a new one. After tying their new purchase to the roof of the car, they all pile back in for the return trip home.

But on the way, something happens. OOPS! The couch slips off the car and lands in a field with a llama. Since llamas normally aren't provided furniture by their owners, this llama is clueless and not sure how to treat the couch.

"Llama brayed "HELLO!" to the couch. But the couch didn't say anything."

So llama tries to share his lunch with the couch. Nope. Llama then tries to eat the couch, but it tastes worse than a dry, dusty tumbleweed. In exasperation, he declares the couch useless and tries to get rid of it, but even that is impossible since it's too heavy to move.

By now the Lago family has discovered that their couch is no longer on top of the car, so they circle around and start looking for the couch. Meanwhile, llama has settled down on the couch and started to enjoy its "smooshy-mooshy, fluffy-puffy cushions." He now totally loves the new addition to his field. It's comfortable!

But will the Lagos ever be able to reclaim their couch?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Nothing

What I Liked Most: The illustrations of ways a couch can be well-loved by a family were very cute: snuggling, reading, card playing, fort-building, and more.

Author/Illustrator: Leah Gilbert

A COUCH FOR LLAMA is her debut picture book
Courtesy of
This is her debut picture book.
4 STARS - I Really Liked It!
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books (February 2018)

  • Approx. Word Count: 264
  • Ages: 4 and up
  • Pages: 40

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