Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Best Mother by C. M. Surrisi

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who's The Best Mother Of Them All?

Maxine isn’t very happy with her morning routine: getting up, washing her face, brushing her teeth, or combing her hair. There is only one solution to her problem and that is to find a new mother.
But wait! Her mom supports her in this idea and is willing to help Maxine find the park, toy store, and zoo. These are the three places Maxine thinks the perfect mom will be found. But before leaving their home Mom suggests they both wear sun hats since it’s so hot and bright out. Yikes! One more reason to find a new mother. This one is too bossy.
As Maxine approaches several ladies and does quick interviews to see if they might qualify as a good mom, her real mom can be seen in the distance keeping a good watch on her little girl.

“If you were my mother, would you let me wear my slippers in the snow?” Maxine asked.“Ha, ha, ha. No.”Maxine thought, Definitely not that mother.

When they leave the park and toy store, they arrive at the zoo. Maxine sees animals caring for their babies. Hmmm, similar to how Maxine’s mom is taking care of her. She remembers all the fun, caring things her mom has done for her. Like inventing Toss-Your-Toys-in-the-Box game, building a moonlight snowman while wearing their pajamas, slippers, and parkas. They even played hide-and-seek while wearing monster masks.
Will this help in choosing a Mom?

“Hello,” said Maxine’s mother, “If you were my daughter, would you want this balloon?”
“I am your daughter,” said Maxine.
Pen-and-ink, watercolor, gouache, and pastel illustrations are perfect!

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: Only that I kept wishing I'd written this story! :-)
What I liked Most: Everything. The story and illustrations are right there at the top of my favorite 2018 books. The story should make both Moms and children smile.

Maxine’s mom may be one of those special moms we all wish we were/had been. The ending is perfect! (Which I won’t add to this review.) 

The book is worth picking up from your library or bookstore.

Author: C.M. Surrisi
Illustrator:  Diane Goode
Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 2018)
  • Approx. Word Count: 585
  • Ages: not listed by publisher
  • Pages: 32

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