Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tilly & Tank by Jay Fleck


As Tilly, a blue elephant with two colorful birds on her head is taking her morning stroll she notices a green thing in the distance. It looks like it has a trunk and a tail, so even though she hasn’t ever seen a green elephant, it must be one.
Tilly heads over to say hello, but when the green army tank sees her it goes on high alert. Tilly’s hello gets a response from Tank of BOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Goodness, the blast goes over her head and she scurries off to hide for a few minutes. But it’s not long before she wonders if that horrible noise was just Tank’s way of saying hello.

She makes her way back to give Tank’s green trunk a little friendly tap with her trunk. But again Tilly is forced to race away when Tank’s alarm goes off.  As she streaks away she trips over a rock and lands in a bed of flowers. A new idea comes to her. Why not take a flower to Tank? But Tank is sure Tilly is holding a weapon and again there is a loud BOOOOOOOOOOM!!
Can a blue elephant and tank ever be friends?

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me:  The message felt a little obvious and overbearing.  
What I liked Most:  I like the fact that this book promotes reaching out to make new and unusual friends. The pursuit of friendship is always a good lesson. Tilly is cute and colorful.
Author/Illustrator: Jay Fleck
Publisher: Tundra Books (January 2018)

3 STARS - Pretty Good
    • Approx. Word Count: 380
    • Ages: 3 – 7  according to the publisher
    • Pages: 48
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