Friday, June 1, 2018

The Digger And The Flower by Joseph Kuefler

What Will Happen To Digger's New Discovery?

- Destroy? Protect? -

A crane to hoist, a dozer to push, and a digger to dig, work together to build large buildings, bridges, and roads for a city. But Digger finds a small flower in the rubble and stops working with the other two trucks so that he can water the flower, protect it from wind, and sing it a bedtime song at night.

Eventually, the only place in the city that isn't complete is the plot of land where the flower is growing. Before Digger can stop him, Dozer cuts the flower down. But Digger isn’t ready to give up, he picks up the little seeds that he’s spotted, and drives to the farthest house on the farthest street.
 “He drove to a place no big truck had ever been.” 
There he plants the seeds and takes care of them exactly like he has the flower. 
*Spoiler Alert* The last page has no text but shows four little flowers popping out of the ground and the city in the distance.

What Concerned Me:
At this point, I’m still not a fan of personification, but I have a few other concerns with this story. I was concerned that Digger completely ignored his responsibility to the other two trucks when he didn't show up at work in order to take care of the flower. I would have felt better if he cared for the flower on breaks or after work. My last concern is that Digger felt he needed to plant the flower seeds miles away from the city. Do the two, city and nature, have to be miles away, or can they complement each other?

What I Liked Most:
This is a very simple story that can be interpreted in several ways. I can see boys loving the aspect of the large trucks working together. The rather muted backgrounds of each illustration make the red, orange, and yellow trucks jump to the forefront. Eventually, the blue flower does the same. The compassion for nature and beauty is a definite plus.

Author/Illustrator:  Joseph Kuefler
Publisher: Balzer + Bray (January 2018)

3 STARS - Pretty Good
  • Approx Word Count: 285
  • Ages: 3-7
  • Pages: 48

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