Monday, June 4, 2018

Where Can You Vacation In A Cardboard Car? You Might Be Surprised!

- A Staycation To Be Remembered! -

When Bunny discovers that mom is going on a business trip, sadness is written all over his face. What about the bedtime story she should be reading to him? Surely there’s a solution to this terrible problem. Yes! He will get rid of her suitcase. The illustrations are so cute as we see various ways to disguise or dispose of the suitcase. But maybe there’s a better way. He will just go with her. With that settled he packs his suitcase and prepares to tag along.

Oops! Mom has other ideas about that. She’s marked a calendar with the days she’ll be gone and put a big red heart on the day she will return. The calendar, however, is not a hit with Bunny. During bedtime stories that evening he sniffles and cries.

“Papa, I wish we could go somewhere little bunnies can go, too.”
“Let’s do it,” said Papa. “We’ll leave in the morning.”

What a special Papa. The next morning the two wake up early and work together designing their cardboard car so that they will be ready to set off on their very own vacation.  But where can they go in a cardboard box with four black circles that are supposed to be wheels?

What Concerned Me: nothing

What I Liked Most:
First, I loved that Bunny’s father chose such a creative way to help pass the time. They worked together on a creative adventure rather than run to the store to buy something to cheer Bunny up. Using a large box and materials they had, they make their own vacation, even traveling to the tropics, wintry wonderland, and a safari (which they spent time decorating to match each theme).

I also got a kick out of the detailed illustrations such as the bunny house slippers and Mom’s cell phone with a carrot on the back of it.

The story is an excellent way to promote imagination, creativity, and DIY activities.

Copyright © 2018 by Lori Richmond / Published by Scholastic Press

Author/Illustrator Lori Richmond

Publisher: Scholastic Inc. (January 2018)
  • Approx Words: 201
  • Ages: 3-5
  • Pages: 32

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