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15 Amazing Things For You And Your Child To Make for A Puppy

Activities That Coordinate With The Book:

15 Things NOT To Do With A Puppy by Margaret McAllister

There are so many DIY projects to choose from, but with the exception of a couple, I think you'll find the toys and treats below are fairly easy to make. And let's face it, sharing this experience with a child can be a lasting memory.

If some of these DIYs look like fun, but if you don't have the time or energy to make them, scroll to the bottom and see what can be purchased.

DIY Dog Toys

1. Most dogs want to play tug-of-war, and since many toys won't hold up long under that kind of pressure, I decided to take a knee sock and tie a knot at both ends. Our dog knows this is the toy we use for tug-of-war, not the expensive ones. If you don't have knee socks at home, head to a thrift store.

2.  You can make another easy toy by slipping a plastic water bottle into a sock and then tying the end. Dogs will love the crinkly sound. For a bit more fun, put a few dog treats (or kibble) into the bottle so it will make added noise. Click for Youtube Instructions.

3. This toy will make you feel better about deciding what do to with your old T-shirts. If your child can't use scissors, this will be one for you to cut the strips but your little one can gather and choose the colors to mix together. It's a toy your dog should love, and stronger than the tug-of war-toy above (#1).  You can let your child loose with their imagination on this one! for Directions

4. And on hot days what's better than a toy/treat to play with outside.  You might want to make just a few of these in case your dog doesn't care for the recipe or has an allergic reaction. (I would guess the latter is very rare). You can always tweak the recipe to his/her tastes.
Gourmet Pupsicles Recipe

5. This is a treat you might want to enjoy with your dog!

6 - 10.  Finding or making healthy dog treats can be a concern. I checked the website Cesar's Way (if you watch the Dog Whisperer, you know who I'm talking about) and found 5 healthy recipes.  Please note the advice at the bottom of these recipes about storing the treats and making sure your dog isn't allergic to any of the ingredients, etc.

Cooking Together For Your Dog
Recipes For Dog Treats

11.  Laura Griffin's site has a cute toy to make for your pet. It looks like it will take a bit longer to create, but if you have the time to teach your child a little sewing, the finished product looks wonderful! 

Laura Griffin
Squeaky Dog Bone Tutorial

12. And here's another idea that will take longer to make, but sometimes longer means a better product. Plus it can give you a little more time with your kid(s). Have you heard of a snuffle mat? I certainly hadn't. Well, take a look at a Snuffle Mat

13. HobbiesOnABudget shows step by step how to make cute dog bandanas that slip on a dog collar.

Click for Instructions

14. We all know dog toys can be pricey and this toy looks like an inexpensive replica of a pricey one. I should know since I own that pricey toy! Veterinarian Dr. Patty Khly shows how to make this toy with an old tennis ball. 

15. And last but not least, here are instructions for a towel to wipe doggy's dirty feet after being outside. It's super easy and something that will no doubt be used often.

If Shopping Seems Easier Than DIY

I'm going to add just a few similar matches to the DIY projects above. Pull out that laptop and do some shopping with your kiddo.

And here are a few toys that aren't closely related to the DIYs, but looked interesting:

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