Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bear And Wolf by Daniel Salmieri

A Glimpse Of Winter Through These Wild Yet Gentle Eyes

- One Snowy Day These Two Meet For The First Time -

This is a quiet tale of a wolf noticing a bear and a bear sighting a wolf as they are both walking in the snow. They decide to join each other after finding out that neither are lost, just enjoying the quiet of the woods.  

As they walk together they smell the wet bark of the trees, listen to the small sounds, and closely examine different shapes. They watch an owl circle and land above them. 

As the two continue walking they see a large round white area. In the summer it is a blue lake. But for now, it is frozen so they walk out, clear the snow and see colorful fish below.

In time the two need to leave each other. But as the snow melts will they meet up again?

The illustrations are sparse and darkish to depict winter. The colors used are mostly black, grays, and shades of blue and purple. The fish are yellow, pinks and blues.

My Thoughts

What Concerned Me: For those seeking a "story" book, this may not meet your expectations. This felt more like a beautiful appreciation of nature.

 What I Liked Most: The illustrations and text complement each other very well.

Author/Illustrator: Daniel Salmieri
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books (February 2018)


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