Saturday, July 7, 2018

Duck and Alligator Crafts and More

Coordinates With The Previous Book Review

A Duck And Alligator . . . Or Is It A Crocodile? 

Crafts and More

  • Origami Duck This craft is for older kids, but the duck is so cute and the instructions are shown very slowly. In fact, it's pretty simple to watch, pause until the folds are made, and watch again. I think you'll like this craft.

  • DIY Fabric Duck Another fun craft to make with kids is this fabric duck. The sewing is very easy and done with a needle and thread (not a machine).  Though the YouTube says for a baby shower, these would be perfect to make with a child.
You will find a list of supplies below:
    • white cotton fabric
    • orange felt
    • black felt or googly eyes
    • stuffing
    • ribbon
    • glue gun
    • scissors
    • needle
    • white thread

  • Alligator and Crocodile Facts: by  Thinking Captain

  • After that fun video about alligators and crocodiles, here's a very easy alligator project from 
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