Friday, July 6, 2018

Giraffe Crafts and Self-Esteem Activities

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Crafts and Activities

  • To start out I've chosen a simple paper bag giraffe. (If you don't have supplies on hand, I've listed some at the bottom of this post that might make shopping a bit easier.) Hopefully, some of these crafts will be reminders that unkind words hurt. 

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  •  Teaching kids the power of words can sometimes be challenging. has a great site with a wonderful poster to download and print or open and discuss with kids. 

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 Here are the supplies she's listed:
- yellow and brown cardstock
- cream colored cardstock (or a manila file folder) 
- 3/4-inch circle punch
-brown paint
-small googly eyes
-brown yarn
- markers
- scissors
- glue

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  • Developing Self-Esteem - Since the animals in the book were primarily whispering and talking about Gisbert's brown spots, his inability to fit going down a curvy slide, his height, and more. Most of the things he was teased about were characteristics of being who he is: a giraffe. The activities by can be eye-opening and lots of fun.  I particularly liked the activity below of challenging children to think about what makes them special:
"Play a guessing game with your friends. On a sheet of paper, write down three clues that tell something special about you and your talents. The teacher will read the clues and students will guess who has those talents." 

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